Golf Self-Standing Curved Frame Corner 25mm with Projection Impact Screen and Golf Archery Net Package for Home Indoor Price: $409.99 (as of 10/04/2023 17:01 PST- Details)

DIY golf simulators using these durable impact screens with Archery Net designed and tested to withstand impact from the fast-moving golf balls.
The box frame is self-standing but can be fixed to the floor and/or rear wall using 1-inch diameter tube clamps. Please use a net or panel behind your golf impact screen before use. The combination of screen and net results in long golfing experience. For curved screen you can use the standard frame pipe fittings with bendable ABS rods.
We don’t supply the aluminiumn/ABS conduit tubing as freight shipping these inexpensive items is too costly. 25mm outer diameter conduit piping is available at all good hardware stores (Lowes or Home Depot etc).You’ll need 14 of the aluminium/ABS conduit tubing of 25mm outer diameter for the complete box frame.

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