Japan Pron Wedge Golf Club Set

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With the new weight balance design, we are able to optimized the center of gravity and bring it closer to the center of the club head to result in precise flight and enhanced fee. A leading edge chamfer and with the offset reduced design produces optimal turf interaction and consistent performance.
Pron offers full grooves design on all TRV wedges’ face and all TRG products still use traditional grooves. In addition to the full grooves face, Pron also offers two different types of grooves on all TRG wedges, legal and non-conforming grooves, for both the experienced golfer and the beginner.
Three types of shafts, Graphite Shaft, Professional Steel Shaft, Traditional Steel Shaft. Available in two color, Black and Sliver. The black oil finish club is TRV Model. The chrome finish club is TRG Model.

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