2022 Best Pickleball Ball

2022 Best Pickleball Ball

The perfect pickleball can make the difference between an unpleasant and enjoyable game for pickleball players.  We have chosen these balls since:

  • They possess optimal flying and bounce abilities
  • To prevent splitting, the seams are strengthened.
  • They are produced in bright colors for easy visibility.


1. Onix Pickleball Ball – BEST OVERALL

Because pickle balls include holes, it’s critical to choose a ball that’s correctly weighted so that it flies straight instead of wobbling into unpredictable arcs.

This three-pack set from Onix isn’t only cheap; it’s also engineered with extra weight to help it fly better in windy conditions. The ball has been welded with great care to prevent cracks and damage after extended use.


+ Seam is reinforced to prevent splitting.

+ Makes use of real Bounce Technology

+ Designed for aggressive play


– Tournament play is not permitted.


Onix Pure 2

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Weighted heavier to fly straighter in extreme outdoor conditions with True Flight Technology
Consistent bounce shot after shot with Authentic Bounce Technology

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Price: $11.05

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2.  Day 1 Sports – RUNNER UP

Finding the correct ball that meets tournament requirements is crucial for serious pickleball players. Day 1 Sports’ pickleball balls meet those specifications, as well as being built with 40 precision holes for consistent flight and bounce.

You’ll like the balls’ vivid neon hue, which increases visibility on the field. To avoid damage over time, the pickleball ball is manufactured of high-quality resin.


+ High visibility due to bright color

+ Meet the tournament’s requirements

+ Both Indoor and Outdoor use


– Play may be hampered by seams.


INDOOR or OUTDOOR Pickleball Balls in 3, 4, 6, or 12 Pack by Day 1 Sports – Professional, Durable Pickleballs- Made to…

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CONSISTENT, RELIABLE: In order to provide a consistent bounce and flight, our balls are custom molded with 40, strategically-sized and placed holes, built for unrivaled performance and always offer a balanced, fast, and accurate trajectory
MADE TO USAPA SPECIFICATIONS FOR TOURNAMENT PLAY: These premium, long-lasting pickle balls are specifically built to adhere to USAPA guidelines for professional outdoor games, boasting a diameter of 2.9 inches and a weight of 0.8 ounces

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Price: $13.04

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3. Franklin Sports Pickleball – ALSO CONSIDER

This 12-pack from Franklin Sports is one of the most cost-effective solutions in our guide if you play pickleball frequently or are concerned about misplacing your balls. While it is the most expensive, you receive the best unit pricing per ball because other brands usually only come in packs of three or six.

These balls are USAPA-approved for professional players and will not easily crack due to the rotational molding process utilized in their manufacture. The pickleball balls come in three vibrant colors for maximum visibility.


+ 12-pack for a low price

+ Multiple hues are available.

+ For a straight flight, there are 40 precision-drilled holes.

+ For long-term use, rotational molding is used.


– Only for usage outside

4. EasyTime Ball – Also Take into Account

While the majority of the pickleball balls in our guide are USAPA-approved, these are the only ones that come with indoor and outdoor pickleball balls. To counterbalance wind disturbance, the bundle includes three yellow balls with 26 drilled holes and three orange balls with 40 holes.

The hot seam welding generates a smooth exterior for a good bounce, which you’ll like. The bright color of the pickleball balls also helps to ensure that you don’t lose any of them when playing outside, and even if you do, there are five more to choose from!


+Indoor and outdoor balls are included.

+ Excellent visibility thanks to the bright hue.

+ The bounce is good, and the hardness is in the middle.


– Colors may differ from those depicted in the images.


EasyTime Pickleball Ball Set, 40 Holes Pickleball Balls for Outdoor Sport, 26 Holes for Indoor, Highly Durable and…

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【Meet indoor and outdoor activities】This product contains 3 orange outdoor balls, 3 bright yellow indoor balls, with a straight and balanced flight, providing you with a good sports experience. You can play pickleball outdoors with family or friends on a sunny vacation, or continue to enjoy the sport indoors during inclement weather.
【Compliant with USAPA Specifications】The Pickle Ball is 74mm in diameter weighs 0.89 ounces, and meets USAPA specifications in all aspects of construction, size, weight, bounce, stiffness, and design. Whether you're a pickleball beginner or a seasoned player, you can not only have fun but also improve your pickleball skills.

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Price: $12.99

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Purchasing Pickleball Balls

Pickleball is one of the few sports that allows you to jump right in with minimal preparation and equipment. You might already own a pickleball paddle, but do you have any pickleball balls? When it comes to perforated polymer balls, there are a plethora of styles and types to choose from, which can be overwhelming for even the most seasoned shopper.

As a result, we decided to put together this detailed buyer’s guide to help you understand everything you need to know about pickleball balls, their different types and features, and how to choose the best one for you.


What Different Types of Pickleball Balls Are There?

There are two types of pickleball balls:

  • Pickleball balls for indoor use
  • Pickleball balls for use outside

Now we’ll look at the characteristics that distinguish the two categories.

Pickleball indoors.

When compared to their outdoor counterparts, indoor pickleball balls weigh roughly 0.8 ounces and are softer and smaller. They are designed for groups who prefer to play the sport indoors, where the setting is more stable and not subject to Mother Nature’s vagaries.

Pickleball balls, for example, have holes that assist them navigate the winds more regularly. Because indoor pickleball balls are not exposed to the elements, they have fewer, but larger, holes, with the conventional indoor pickleball ball having 26.

In indoor situations, fewer holes improve overall airflow, allowing for better control, consistent bounces, and precise trajectories. Their textured surfaces also make it easier for the player to add more spin to the ball, so expect longer rallies while using one. However, because of the increased drag, these pickleball balls are more difficult to smash or hit power shots with.

Pickleball outdoors

Pickleball’s dynamics are shifted by irregular wind patterns, fluctuating weather, and uneven playing surfaces. As a result, outdoor pickleball need a ball that is specifically engineered to react to and alleviate these basic forces, ensuring that they do not destroy the game.

Outdoor pickleball balls are heavier than their indoor counterparts, weighing over 0.9 ounces. These balls are less likely to wear and tear due to their smooth surface and weight, however we do not advocate using one ball for more than ten outdoor matches because the weather will cause the spin and bounce to deteriorate.

When it comes to bounce, outdoor pickleball balls have a higher bounce and are simpler to hit powerful shots with. When playing with one, though, you may notice shorter rallies, less control, and less spin.

Let’s talk about design for a moment. Outdoor pickleball balls, as previously said, are built to withstand the elements and terrain of the outdoors. As a result, they have more holes, but they are smaller, with the regular outdoor pickleball having 40 holes punched into it. The holes reduce the wind’s force and prevent the ball from deflecting as a result.

What Should You Look for in a Pickleball Ball?

When narrowing out the best pickleball balls money can buy, we focused on two aspects.

Longevity and durability

The lifespan of pickleball balls varies from one brand to the next. Outdoor pickleball, on the other hand, should endure at least ten games before showing signs of wear. Indoor balls have a longer lifespan because they are never exposed to the outdoors. Indoor pickleball balls acquire soft areas after being used for a long period, even if they don’t shatter.


Pickleball balls are composed of plastic, as everyone knows. So, why bother with the stuff in the first place? Only the greatest thermoset plastics, such as acrylic, epoxies, and melamine, are used to make the best pickleball balls, such as the ones discussed in this article.

These materials are heated, then cooled, before being shaped into balls. Due to the improved quality that virgin plastic provides, outdoor pickleball balls occasionally use it in their construction.

Picking the Right Pickleball Ball Tips

After thoroughly testing dozens of pickleball balls, we’ve produced a list of recommendations to assist you in making the best pickleball ball purchase possible. They’ve arrived!


Is it better to be outside or inside?

Are you unsure whether to buy pickleball balls for indoor or outdoor use? If all you want is a casual game with the fellas, we advise don’t stress about it.

If you want to play competitively, however, why not aim for both? Having both kinds on hand won’t harm, and you’ll be ready for any style of battle that comes your way.


Pickleball balls are available in a variety of colors and hues. However, we recommend that you look for ones that have a single solid color, are bright, and are simple to see even in low light.

When you’re playing pickleball in low light, you’ll be thankful we gave you this advice!


It’s critical to get the diameter of your pickleball just correct. An optimum-sized pickleball will perform better since it will come off the paddle more efficiently.

Indoor pickleball balls with a diameter of roughly 2.8 inches are recommended. Pick a pickleball ball with a diameter of 2.9 inches for outdoor use.

Pickleball Ball Frequently Asked Questions


They are made of hard plastic with holes drilled in them to aid in maneuverability in the air. Indoor pickleball balls are normally created by welding the two parts of the ball together using an injection molding process. Outdoor pickleball balls are made using rotational molding, which gives them their trademark toughness and impact resistance.


Indoor pickleball balls are lighter, softer, and quieter because they are designed to be played indoors. They are easier to control since they have fewer holes drilled into them. In general, their outdoor equivalents are heavier, more robust, and better for power shots.


The type of pickleball ball may not matter to the casual player who just wants to have fun and has no desire to play competitively, and both varieties may be used interchangeably. For those of you who want to get the most out of your game, we recommend having both types on available.


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