Squash Ball Types

Squash Ball Types

Squash is considered one of the best fitness racket sports. Its complex rules and varied equipment types, on the other hand, can be confusing at times. Most racket sports, like tennis or badminton, allow people to start playing the game immediately after a very short warm-up. Squash does as well, but it all depends on the ball you use.

The squash racquet, which has its own intriguing history, is the other set of equipment that plays an integral role in the game. The squash ball, on the other hand, is often difficult to pinpoint when you are new to the game.

Scroll down to read about the different types of squash balls and how to determine which ball is best for your skill level or training!

Different Squash Balls by Ability

Squash players utilize four different types of squash balls to play the game. While more squash balls are available for juniors and beginners to try, we’ll go over the four most common squash balls: the Single Blue Dot, Single Red Dot, Single Yellow Dot, and Double Yellow Dot.

The numerous sorts of squash balls are made by a few businesses, but the Dunlop brand is by far the most popular. In comparison to other brands, they usually stand out in terms of quality, longevity, and value for money.

These balls are divided into four categories by Dunlop: Blue Dot (Intro), Red Dot (Progress), Single Yellow Dot (Competition), and Double Yellow Dot (Competition) (Pro). These keywords aid in determining the balls’ level of difficulty and who should use them.

Artengo, Wilson, Black Knight, Tecnifibre, Victor, Eye, Head, Karakal, Oliver, and Prince are some of the other manufacturers that make squash balls.

It’s crucial to note that the colors of the balls might vary depending on the brand, but the four colors listed above are the most prevalent in stores, squash clubs, and tournaments.

The following are some fundamentals that apply to all four varieties of squash balls:

  • All of them are made of rubber.
  • Prior to full play, they must be warmed up.
  • They all have at least one dot to reflect their difficulty level.


The Double Yellow Dot Ball has been the official squash ball for all professional games since 2001. The Double Yellow Dot ball is the ball of choice for professionals and highly skilled players due to its minimal hang time and bounce.  It is also the most common ball used at clubs so is likely the ball you will want to purchase; however, it may make the game less enjoyable as it is primarily geared towards very advanced and professional players.

To get the most out of the Double Yellow Dot ball, you’ll need good technique, the ability to play a range of strokes, and, of course, perfect agility, flexibility, and strength.

Newcomers to squash frequently assume that this ball is the only option or, at the very least, the favored one because that is what they have seen others use when learning the game. However, after a few games of squash, players who don’t comprehend the objective of this become demotivated (it isn’t easy to utilize if you don’t know what you’re doing). As a result, it is fairly uncommon for people to abandon the game following the first use of the ball.

Here are a few options for double yellow dot squash balls


Dunlop Sports Pro XX Squash Ball – Pro Box

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Product Type: Recreation Ball
Package Dimensions: 4.572 L X 12.7 W X 17.78 H (Cm)

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Price: $49.99

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Tecnifibre Double Yellow Dot Squash Balls – 4 Pack

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Double Yellow Dot squash balls
2 Balls Per Pack

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The Yellow Dot Ball, which was generally used by advanced players until 2001, was the official squash ball for professional squash events. The main distinction between this ball and the Double Yellow Dot ball is that it has a 10% higher bounce.

This is especially important in colder areas where open air (via vents or holes) enters the squash court, as the bounce of a squash ball is affected by the weather, and the more bounce, the simpler it is to play the game!

More bounce naturally indicates more hang time, but when the ball is utilized in colder locations, this is generally tempered and balanced out.

In the searing heat of warmer places, it may not be the preferred ball for professionals, but advanced players prefer the Single Yellow Dot Ball in areas where it is cold most of the year and the courts are frozen.

This is definitely a recommended ball for intermediate to advanced club-level players.


DUNLOP Competition Squash Ball, Single Yellow Dot

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LONGER HANG TIME: This squash ball provides 10% longer hang time for easier playability
PLAYER LEVEL - This squash ball is the best choice for intermediate players and rising junior players

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Juniors and beginners are the most common users of the Single Blue Dot ball. It’s the best option for someone who is new to the game, learning how to play from the ground up, or who hasn’t played a lot of racket sports in general.

The Blue Dot ball is significantly larger (12 percent larger) and has more bounce than the Double Yellow Dot ball (40 percent more bounce than the Double Yellow Dot ball).

This implies that ‘warming up’ the ball, or getting it ready to play, takes less time. It’s also easier to hit because it has a lot more bounce and spends a lot more time in the air than the Double Yellow Dot ball (known as hang time).


Dunlop Squash Balls – Multipack

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Better bounce more hang time

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Squash ball with a red dot.
Intermediate players or those looking for a fun and rapid game will like the Single Red Dot ball. It is primarily played for recreational purposes, with little emphasis on competition (although a red dot ball game can become competitive!).

It is, however, a favorite among coaches during training sessions and others searching for a quick fix in between or after work. Many people who have played racquet sports in the past begin by playing with the Red Dot ball.

It’s also 6% bigger and has 20% more bounce than the Double Yellow Dot ball. It has a shorter hang time than the Blue Dot ball but longer than both Yellow Dotted balls, making it a popular recreational ball.


DUNLOP Progress Squash Balls (Set of 3)

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6% larger than standard size ball
20% longer hang time compared to standard size ball.

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You should establish which ball is most suited to your playing style in advance, regardless of where you’re playing, what brand you prefer, or how much squash you know. This will allow you to enjoy the game more, develop and improve your skills, and continue to play the game with pleasure.


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